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Start making music with Lumit! Free 30-day Trial 
Built to Inspire

Lumit puts the professional sequencing and mixing capabilities you need to take your music further – right at your fingertips.

Inspired by students from Berklee College of Music®. Lumit is designed for rapid unbridled music creation and portability. No complex menu options or technology to hinder your creative flow.

Rooted in Sophisticated Simplicity
All of Lumit’s parameters are fully multi-touch compatible – allowing it to be carried on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4® along with all of your favorite plug-ins.
Whether in the studio or on the road…
Lumit’s professional desktop functionality, speed of workflow and flat learning curve allow you to create complex musical ideas in a fraction of your current time.
  • Unlimited Multi-Tracking, Bounce and Export 192kHz/32-Bit Float
  • Drivers: ASIO (Recommended) ASIO4ALL, Core Audio, Direct Sound, MME and WASABI Drivers
  • MIDI Map USB MIDI Controllers
  • Full MIDI, Audio and Automation Recording & Sequencing Capabilities
  • Extensive Mixing Console
  • VSTI – VST3 Support
  • Drag and Drop Audio, MIDI Files and VST Plug-ins
  • Freeze and Unfreeze 192KHZ/32-Bit Float
  • Dynamic GUI – Optimized for Desktop and Mobile
  • Special Parameters, Algorithms and Hand-Gestures to aid Multi-Touch
  • Includes Over 1000 Percussion, Synthesizer and Bass Audio Samples
  • Boutique Audio DSP FX Suite

30-Day Trial

  • Try Lumit for free before purchasing!